Thanks to everyone who has submitted orders. I'm up to my ears in quilts! No more orders will be accepted at this point. If you'd like some recommendations for other quilt suppliers, let me know!

 If you've ordered a quilt, thank you for your patience and order! I'm hard at work getting them out in a timely manner. I appreciate you! 


 Please read the following note carefully.

On June 20th, I will be embarking on the next journey in my life. I will be moving from Murfreesboro, Tn to Chicago, Il. to pursue grad school and a career in social work (and of course just enjoying big city life). As such, I'm 97% positive that I will end sales of LeighLo Hammock Quilts at that time. So, I'm offering an "end run" sale for those who don't want to miss out on my quilts. 

-The first batch will be put up on Monday, April 29th at 12:00p CST. Depending on how many quilts sell, another batch will be put up on May 16th. You must place your order by May 31st. 

-Each type of quilt will be 15% off. 
-The 15% discount does NOT include shipping or the optional overstuffing. 
-Due to the nature of the sale, shipping may take up to 3 weeks. However, all quilts are guaranteed to ship by June 5th

-No custom orders will be available. This includes custom sizes, lengths, widths, etc etc etc. Only the quilts on web store are available. I apologize if this creates an inconvenience for you.
-The only color combos available will be the ones listed.

If I can answer any questions, email me LeighLo@hammockquilts.com


Updated Underquilts and UQ Suspension


Our updated underquilts give you a different choice not offered by most vendors.  Our new underquilts will be rated at 30* and 15*.   We fill that these temp ratings will be a good fit for many hammock hikers and campers.

 We have also upgraded our underquilt suspension.  The new suspension combines side channel and corner suspension to take advantage of the best of both systems.


Check out our new underquilts

Keeping Hammock Campers Warm with Custom Quilts